Hello world!


My name is Stephanie and I am a new consultant for Your Inspiration at Home. This blog is going to be my journey with YIAH, I will share reviews, recipes, specials, new product releases, online parties and events. I will also post links to competitions.

I decided to join YIAH as a consultant because I had tried a couple of their amazing products at a party. And I wanted more.

Thermomumma (http://thermomumma.com/category/blog/) shared a link to sign up for only $20 (https://secure4.office2office.com/signup/process.asp?cl=yih&fid=288&ID=25126701). Some conditions obviously apply:

  • This special is only available for a limited time
  • While the kit is only $20 you still have to sell or buy 100PV worth of products before the 31st of August or you will be charged the balance of the kit.

With so many amazing products it is easy to spend 100PV. Here is a list of the top 10 products of 2015:

11828597_1651659735071642_3480111054758120614_nIf you have tried any of their products what is your favorite? Mine is the Intense Garlic Evoo soo good.

See you all soon